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      I’ve been drawing and making pictures ever since I can remember. I am especially interested in the human figure.

      I began college at Meramec Community College in St. Louis followed by the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas. I then moved to Pasadena, California to study Illustration at the Art Center College of Design. Through the college and Los Angeles in general, I was exposed to a wide range experiences that continue to influence my work.
     After living in Los Angeles for several years, I returned to St. Louis and began a career in illustration. For over 25 years, I worked for many of the region’s ad agencies, promotional groups, and design firms. In that time I found myself drawing a much broader range of subject matter than I ever imagined. Working with tight deadlines and having to solve unusual visual challenges, helped me to develop a professional approach to creating my art.
     Later in my career, I returned to school to obtain my BA and my MFA. Eventually, I began teaching at the college level as an adjunct professor. I have taught classes in figure drawing, drawing, illustration, digital illustration, computer graphics, graphic design, and typography. I feel that the process of organizing and articulating the knowledge I have accumulated over the years has made me a better artist.
     At present, I am focusing most of my time creating my own personal artwork.

      The concept in each piece of art executed by an artist is re-conceived in various ways by the audience. The points of view in my paintings are intentionally broad and    may appear ambiguous. As a result, the messages are suggested rather than asserted.
Diverse yet familiar elements are assembled in atypical combinations and through these juxtapositions, encourage the observer to find unexpected meanings in the images. A path is created that leads the viewer to their own personal interpretation of the artwork.

POP! GOES THE EASEL! 2 - Soulard Art Gallery / Group show / 2023

Award of Excellence
- Angad Arts hotel / Group show / 2023

DECLARATION - Art St. Louis / Group show / 2022

PLACES - COCA / Group show / 2020

LE NU - Stone Soup Gallery, Chesterfield, MO / Group show / 2019
THE ART OF ME - Wildwood Community College, St. Louis, MO / Group show / 2019
FONTBONNE ALUMI SHOW - Fontbonne University, St. Louis MO / Group show / 2019
TALKING PICTURES - MICDS, St. Louis, MO / Solo Show / 2018
WORTH A THOUSAND WORDS - Manchester City Hall, Manchester, MO / Group show / 2016
PASSING TIME - Wildwood Community College, St. Louis, MO / Solo show / 2015
FACULTY SHOW - Meramec Community College, St. Louis, MO / Group show / 2015
FACULTY SHOWS - Wildwood Community College, St. Louis, MO / Group show / 2011-2020
TRANSITIONS - Forest Park Community College, St. Louis, MO / Solo show / 2010
SYNTHESIS - Olivette, MO / Group show / 2010
MFA SHOW - Fontbonne University, St. Louis, MO / Group show /2010
FACULTY SHOWS - Forest Park Community College, St. Louis, MO / Group show / 2007-2008
FACULTY SHOW - Maryville University, St. Louis, MO / Group show / 2005
BA SHOW Webster - University, St. Louis, MO / Group show / 1995

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